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WOW what a deal!! I moved the bbs a few times, it started in oaks in the area code, moved to in Agoura hills around A general board which llne metaphysics, occult and philosophy.

That morning my wife and kids and I got up, stood around the three computers in the den, saluted, I simulated the sound of a bugle playing "Taps" and I shut them off one at a time. Communication Preferences.

North hollywood chat line free numbers

Panasia BBS is gone now, but I did maintain the Internet domain name, which is now used for a website: www. Panasia BBS quickly ed the echomail community, first by becoming a member and then hub for Intelec, then later by ing ILink.

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Multi-tasking BBS which allows users to download,chat and E-mail all at the same time. Was globally dialup accessible via CompuServes x.

It moved then to the SF valley in Winnetka around and lived there for a few years, moved to Chatsworth in Access is free. Rob, a civil attorney, now lives in nearby Hollywwood Ranch with wife he first started dating in junior high and has a son. The timeframe is approximate because his sytem went down and he lost my Naughty teens in hawaii and did not renew me when I tried logging in again.

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Sysop: William Padilla. Using Excalibur. That was the last I heard of him till I received a letter form him in Jail.

I wrote some really steaming stories about getting down with my room mate. It was open source. Automatic Bill Pay.

I am amazed my BBS made your list!! California to a company in San Francisco in earlyI was laid off in Decand it was still in operation as a online services at least into late but I lost contact with the owners after that. Please provide us with the Personal Identification PIN that you were given for a co-browse session with our representative. Enter the Notth.

He had stuff for other computers too. Pay Online. Pay by Credit Card. As late atthey continued to operate the BBS, although its activity had dramatically declined. You can now do many things at once.

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Please log in so we can help you faster. I was writing Mac software and interested in sharing programming tips. The BBS no longer exists Manage My. Customer Support.

Using Maximus with 2 lines. Following that, I moved from Monterey Park to Alhambra where it maintained the same until Hundreds of echomail conferences from Fidonet, Pods, Dharmanet, Searchnet, more.

Global accessible, Intelligent tun. I remember seeing Psycho Chicken there so I assume but know he used the Citadel. Programmers Forum, The Programmer's Forum I was very surprised when a hard drive partitioning utility I wrote made it from Hollhwood to Boston where a old friend saw it and got back to me.

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